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Wage Policies
क्र.सं. शीर्षक Om Date OM No विवरण
11 Clarification sought by Audit on encashment of sick leave 07/07/2012 2(14)/2012-DPE(WC) डाउनलोड (91.01 KB) pdf
12 Foreign Tours of Executives and Functional Directors of CPSEs 20/07/2011 2(23)/07-DPE(WC) GL-XVI/2011 डाउनलोड (985.2 KB) pdf
13 Representation/Communications being received by DPE directly from various CPSEs/Employees of CPSEs/their employees' Associations/Trade unions etc. 30/05/2011 2(22)/11-DPE (WC) GL-IX/2011 डाउनलोड (758.24 KB) pdf
14 Bunching of increments and leave encashment on pay revision w.e.f. 1.1.2007 of executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of CPSEs following IDA pattern of pay scales. 24/09/2010 2(41)/2010-DPE(WC)-GL-VVII/2010 डाउनलोड (921.5 KB) pdf
15 Payment of Gratuity to the employees of CPSEs 02/06/2010 2(25)/10-DPE(WC)-GL-X/2010 डाउनलोड (524.03 KB) pdf
16 New Pension System introduced by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority(PFRDA) 16/02/2010 2(131)/09-DPE(WC) डाउनलोड (381.21 KB) pdf
17 Appointment /Promotion of employees of CPSEs in CDA scales of pay on or after 01.01.1989 10/08/2009 2(41)/09-DPE(WC)-GL-XX/2009 डाउनलोड (530.32 KB) pdf
18 Recommendations of 2nd Pay Revision Committee (PRC) on compensation package in Sick CPSEs 14/01/2009 2(74)/08-DPE-(WC) डाउनलोड (24.82 KB) pdf
19 Method of calculation of encashment of Earned Leave in CPSEs. 11/12/2008 2(2)/85-DPE(WC)-GL –XVII/08 डाउनलोड (753.3 KB) pdf
20 Receipt of monetary benefits in the form of sitting fees, bonus, share in profits, stock options etc., by the employees of CPSEs (including chief Executive and Functional Directors) and Government nominated as a part time Director on the boards of CPSEs 17/11/2008 2(15)/06-DPE(WC) -GL –XV/08 डाउनलोड (925.52 KB) pdf