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Allowances and Perquistes

Wage Policies
क्र.सं. शीर्षक Om Date OM No विवरण
11 Recovery of rent for the leased accommodation from employees of CPSEs. 20/03/2012 2(68)/08-DPE (WC)-GL IV/12 डाउनलोड (924.84 KB) pdf
12 Special Allowance to CPSE Employees for serving in the difficult and far flung areas 22/06/2010 2(77)/09-DPE(WC)-GL-XII/2010 डाउनलोड (884.87 KB) pdf
13 Creation of corpus in order to take care of medical and any other emergency needs of retired employees of CPSEs 08/07/2009 2(81)/08-DPE(WC)-GL-XVI/2009 डाउनलोड (1.3 MB) pdf
14 Upgradation of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and Bangalore as A-1 class city for the purpose of House Rent Allowance / Compensatory (city) Allowance – regarding. 11/10/2007 2 (49)/98-DPE (WC)-GL-X डाउनलोड (47.65 KB) pdf
15 Economy measures in CPSEs that are dependent on budgetary support for salary and allowances-Air travel entitlement of employees regarding. 05/09/2006 2(16)/95-DPE (WC)-GL –IX/06 डाउनलोड (637.08 KB) pdf
16 Reclassification of cities/town on the basis of 2001-census - grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Compensatory (City) Allowance (CCA) to Central Government employees 30/12/2004 2(49)/98-DPE (WC) डाउनलोड (46.97 KB) pdf
17 Leasing of Houses for officers in the Central Public Enterprises. 29/10/2003 2(38)/03-DPE(WC) GL-XXIV डाउनलोड (50.9 KB) pdf
18 Suspension of Leave Travel Concession in Central Public Enterprises-Relaxation to employees posted North Eastern Region 12/06/2002 2(3)/2001-DPE(WC) GL-VIII डाउनलोड (45.2 KB) pdf
19 LTC suspension in central PSEs. 28/02/2002 2(3)/2001-DPE(WC) डाउनलोड (40.77 KB) pdf
20 Pay revision of the Central Public Sector employees following CDA pattern in 69 PSEs-Classification of Calcutta and Chennai cities 'A-I' Class for the purpose of grant of HRA and grant of Leased Accommodation regarding. 20/07/1998 2(42)/97-DPE(WC) डाउनलोड (46.07 KB) pdf